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Baggage!!!! September 21, 2008

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OK so I haven’t really gotten to serious on here but it’s seem to be time! We have been in this series at church (Cross Point)  called Baggage. Which… Yes we all have. I have not always walked with Christ in my life as most of you know! I was saved back in March at which time I was also baptized. I use to not be a very nice person at all.I carried alot of Sin and no I wasn’t addicted to drugs,alcohol or what people like to think of why people aren’t in church but I was addicted to myself. I wasn’t horrible but I made lots of bad choices and was a very selfish person. The day I asked for Jesus to come into by life He took those horrible things and way of life away. Yes there are people that I have hurt and things I have done that I can’t take back. I know what my life looked like then and I have came forward and admitted many of my faults. I also have looked at past things and made peace in my heart for the overwhelming wrong that was done to me. I have let go of the things I can’t change about my childhood and my past! I apologized to many people for my mistakes. I strive everyday to be a better person and a better friend and Mother! I’m not exactly where I want to be in my spiritual life and I have stumbled but ultimately my heart is there and the want is there! So as we have gone in this series I have been forced to face horrible truths about myself and my life. But by all means big thanks to Pastor Pete for not being that friend that just say what we want to hear but to speak truth in our lives. If any of you have been in any of these services you have to understand what I mean. I walk out of church in total trance thinking and looking at myself and relationships. So among the many things I wrestle with and want to work on I’m finding a down side to my trouble. Please DO NOT take this the wrong way cause If anything Pastor Pete has dwelled into me that at the end of the day you have to own it. By all means I do!  What do you do when you are striving to move forward and unpack baggage and you have people from what I call “my past life” Which was my life before Christ that don’t let it go? They don’t believe in you and your transformation? They are like that person in the airport and you lay your baggage down and forget it but here they coming running after you screaming ” Ma’am Ma’am you forgot this” Then what do you do? One thing that has been very hard for me in this is I feel like I’m in constant defense of my faith and who I have become. It troubles me to think that we say that our God saves and he transforms but people don’t believe it when it was done right under their nose! There is no comparison to who I was to who I am. I know that God knows who I am but as we are moving in this series it just raises question in my mind is there something I can do to help these people understand ( Even though I have expressed my heart felt story and feelings till I’m blue in the face) Or has this became their Baggage now that only they can choose to work through?  Just so it’s clear these aren’t people that I want to just not have in my life. Trust me I wish it was that easy. These are family members very close friends that were caught in the cross fire of my past life and mistakes. It leaves me very lost, hurt and confused! If I could ask anything of anyone that may read this Please allow people that have wronged you the chance to say I’m sorry and when you see God’s work happen right before you. Praise God and Know his plan is good! Lift people up with encouragement and not constantly remind them of the past I can Promise you they know their wrongs and Sins and that is enough!


This is one of my favorite songs and It really reminds me of what is important when its said and done which is How you choose to live from here on out with Christ! Thank you for reading and have a Blessed Day


Ike Ike Baby September 13, 2008

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A friend of mine sent me this So I thought I’d share! You can’t help but to sing it either or at least I know did. Maybe I’m just a big DORK!


You’ve got to find the humor in every situation!!!

Yo, TX, LA, Let’s kick it!

Ike Ike Baby, Ike Ike Baby
All right stop, evacuate and listen
Ike is here with some big ambition
People, close your homes up tightly
It’s blowing like a hurricane daily and nightly
Where will it stop? Yo-I don’t know
Turn off the lights and let’s go
To the coastline Ike rocks like a vandal
Start up the car and watch me drive like an animal

Dang, hardware store sales boom
Ike’s killing my plans like a poisonous mushroom
Deadly, evacuate they tell me
Anyone left will be charged with a felony
Love it or hate it, you better get away
Ike will hit the bull’s eye, the storm don’t play
If you’re on vacation, Yo, Ike stalled it
Check out the eye while the bands revolve it

Hurricane Ike Ike Baby, Hurricane Ike Ike Baby
Hurricane Ike Ike Baby, Hurricane Ike Ike Baby

Now that the people are jumpin’
With their stuff packed up and the gas done pumpin’
Quick to the road, to the road no fakin’
Pass McD’s get a burger with bacon
Burnin’ ‘em and follow the symbol
I go crazy when I hear some imbecile
Revving, in a souped up Pinto
Now I can roll, it’s time to crack the window
Rollin’ in my Chevy Tahoe
With my window down, I can feel Ike blow
My laptop’s on standby, Waiting for some Wi-fi
This spot hot? No – and I gotta fly
Kept on pursuing to the next block
I busted a left and I’m beating the clock
The light was red

Yo — so I continued to I-37 to San Antonio
Wish I was there in a blink like a jeanie
How I’d love to be sippin’ a martini
Jealous ’cause my girl’s living fine
She left yesterday and was there by nine
Ready to give my homies a call
My homies acting ill because their car just stalled
Humidity, the air is sticky as hell
Ike’s on his way, the weatherman yells
Moving toward the gulf coast real fast
I’m in my car, can’t give it no gas
Bumper to bumper the interstate’s packed
I’m trying to get away before Ike attacks
Police on the scene, what can it mean?
They hooked me up, now there’s another lane free
If you’re on vacation, Yo, Ike stalled it
Check out the eye while the bands revolve it

Hurricane Ike Ike Baby, Hurricane Ike Ike Baby
Hurricane Ike Ike Baby, Hurricane Ike Ike Baby

Yo man, let’s get out of here! Word to your mother!


A not so crabby day:( August 24, 2008

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OK some of you reading this may think I have lost my mind. I’m sure there are many parents that have done some crazier things to keep their children’s little feeling safe! I got home from a great church service today and was going to clean my house since I won’t be home tonight! I’m almost done and remembered that I had to feed Hermie the hermit crab! Madolyn has had him since Feb and she is totally not scared of him! She gets him out and plays with him EVERYDAY! Well there was this one time he pinched her and she tossed him up against the wall…lol For the most part she has done great watering and feeding him! Well every Friday when she goes to her dad’s she reminds me to take great care of Hermie so this past Friday was no different! I have worked 6 days in a row and today was my first day off! Soooo off to Madolyn’s room I go and this is how I found Hermie 



I was panicking!!!! I got my shoes on and went straight to the pet store where I got him with shell in hand! The guy said ” May I help you” I said ” Yes can’t you see Hermie is dead and I have to have one by tonight” He looks at me and says ” Sorry Ma’am but I sold the last one yesterday” The look on my face had to be priceless! I said” You don’t understand I have to have one where can I go???” He said “Well you can try pet smart but most exotic pet stores are closed on Sunday, But we will have some tomorrow” So out the door I went. Guess what Pet smart don’t have any! What is a mom to do????My babies feeling will be crushed and she will think it is all my fault! Plus I’m going to the church dinner tonight and I can’t put that on the sitter! So here was the plan! If I could just make it till tomorrow I can get another one and tell her we had to get a new shell cause Hermie got to big for his old one! But how was I going to keep her from picking him up tonight and him falling out and all the tears and sadness????????? Wrong maybe? But here is how!!!!!!

Gotta love super glue

Gotta love super glue



He looks good again:)


Didn't fall


I’m sure some say that is wrong! But It is only till I can get a new one! YES I glued him back in… Gotta love super glue! So what are some crazy thing you have done to protect your kiddo’s feeling????


Madolyn’s first day of school August 12, 2008

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Wow…… I really think today was the hardest day since child birth. Madolyn started school today! Last night I get ready to tuck her into bed and here is how it went.

Me… “Awww my baby is going to be a big girl and start school tomorrow,Mommy is sad”

Maddie….”Mom it is just a half of day”

I was thinking are you kidding me???? She was just like Mom get it together!

So we got up this morning and got ready for school. I cried after she got dressed. We had breakfast then I fixed her hair. I cried cause she didn’t want pig tails. Oh yeah but she got pig tails…lol Then I cried when she put her pack back on. I have had a camera for a long time but never really messed with the video part so please use caution…. the videos may hurt your neck…lol Oh yeah and also there are four cause I didn’t know how to pause it. But I caught some our morning on video:)

A big thanks to Wendy who took me out for coffee and Rebecca for taking me to breakfast. Also to everyone that has called or texted to check on me today. It means alot to me. Thanks again for being so great:) Oh Yeah thanks to whoever made really BIG sunglasses


Going Crazy over Pencils August 2, 2008

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My precious little Princess Madolyn is starting kindergarten this year. So as if I’m not having enough anxiety with that alone they have to make the school supply list a mile long. We got up this morning bright and early to take advantage of the tax free weekend….YAYYYY  So we head out totally prepared with our handy dandy list. We also had to get uniforms and mind you my baby will be 6 in October but is tiny. I was prepared for that cause my mom is coming next week and I told her to bring her sowing machine to altar. I was feeling really great about this shopping day that I have been so dreading. Just because Madolyn is a only child plus I’m a single parent so she is mine ALL mine. I feel like I’m giving her away to the crazy world of school and the influence other children. But non the least I went out this morning mentally prepared to do this! First stop Target on Charlotte….I get my buggy and we are be bopping straight for the little girls clothes. Guess what my efforts for getting up at 7am did no good cause they had all bear selves. I wasn’t going to let that get me down. Off to White Bridge Road we went. They had lots of great things. Go target!!!! By this time it was time to take Maddie bug to her dad’s and Momma to get her hair done:) So off we went! I was feeling good I had gotten the clothes outta the way and was thinking ” OK I got this” Because all that was left was the things on my handy dandy list( OK I think I watch to much blue’s clues) Got my hair done which BTW looks great! Get back to Nashville and off to Walmart on Charlotte I go! By this time its 1pm. I pull out what?  Yes you got it! My handy dandy list! The place is packed. I start down the school supply ile and I had already look at the list a hundered times. I start filling my buggy with the easy stuff crayons, scissors, makers…etc! Then the dreading pencils came time on the list! I’m looking at everything they had and not a single #2 black warrior pencil to be found! So I go over to stationary. NOTHING! Go back to the middle where they have stuff…NOTHING! Now I’m back on the school supply isle! I’m very out going so as I’m trying to get down the isle I’m stopped next to this mom with a child that looked about my Maddie’s age! I said Ma’am “Do you know what #2 black warrior pencils are?” She said ” Do I look like I work here”  I just smiled and moved on. Next lady a little ways down the Ilse. Same thing I said Ma’am “Do you know what #2 black warrior pencils are?”  She said ” I don’t know can’t you see I’m looking for my kids stuff too, Just look” OK so by this point I had to get off that isle. So I moved on to the next thing which on the list says 8×11 drawing pad( no other size please)  Guess what???? They had 8×10, 9×12 but NO 8×11! I was thinking great! SO I seen a person that works there and asked her about the two items and all she said was “Well if they aren’t on the school supply isle then we don’t have it” Then she just walked off before I could so much as say Thank you!  I looked at my phone and it was 6pm! I  spent 5 hrs in Walmart looking for Pencils! When did people become so rude???? I have decided that Madolyn isn’t going to school. She is just going to stay home with me where we don’t need #2 black warrior pencils or 8×11 drawing pad and Rude people! All I could think was PLEASE God don’t let these parents have children that are going to be in my Madolyn’s class!!!!!  


Anyone else having trouble finding things on their handy dandy list?


Monday’s stink July 28, 2008

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I have decided that Monday’s stink! I use to think it was only when I worked on Monday’s but lately I haven’t been working them and I get up and I still don’t like them. I had a pretty good day yesterday. Church was great. I really liked the service and very much needed it after some rough times I’ve hit in my life. Went and got lunch and came home and just hung out for a bit. Went to a friends to catch up. Then last night I picked my Princess up from her dad’s and thought “Well I don’t have to work so we will stay up super late and hang out” So we did. We watched a movie and I got beat in go fish by my 5 year old! So to most anyone that seems like a good day. By all mean it was. So Why did I get up this morning really not liking today????? I’m just going to blame it on being a Monday! Here it is almost 11am and I’m in my PJ’s. OK here it goes I’m going to peal myself away to go shower and start this what I like to call “Stinky Monday”